The design of a minimalist home a lot of people choose. Simple and elegant, among their reasons. Those who are concerned with the essentials and functional are indeed worthy of choosing a minimalist home design.
Those who have a philosophy of "little but qualified" is also worth choosing a minimalist home design. The spaces of many homes are left relieved as part of the interior, and not much stuff for easy cleaning.
Minimalist home design continues to grow. Currently, there is also a new concept of minimalist design that is modern minimalist. This design uses the collaboration of modern and minimalist design. A multi purpose and contemporary approach take precedence over design. Decorative elements of the design of the house are no longer just shaped like a shape and beam, but also other elements such as cones and cylinders.
Urban people also get a choice of tropical building concept that is packed in a minimalist form. With that design look, one can stay a comfortable place, and privacy is maintained.

As an example of its application, window glass and air holes are mounted on the face wall and back wall of the house to be easily fresh and easily visible 'embracing the outer space.'
Characteristic of tropical design can be presented in the form of a saddle roof and canopy that can reduce the heat of the sun. This roof is also neat if combined with a transparent wall designed to 'burst' out from the roof.
The use of natural materials such as stones that cover the walls of the face and terrazzo combined with fabrication materials such as steel canopy and flat tile will reinforce the minimalist tropical harmony style.
Are you a person who has a minimalist home style? Try check in the bedroom or your living room. How many items are not essential there? If you like to collect embellishments and souvenirs and display them in the living room or way, you may not fit the minimalist home style.
Moreover, if you are a collector of antiques, do not force yourself a minimalist design house. Well, if you like a dining table that is always clean and only available food at meals, you fit a minimalist home.
Those things can be a foothold when from home. Therefore, the supply of lower-class homes from the developers of late this minimalist.
Will modern minimalist home design still be a trend in the next few years?

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