Want to Build a Minimalist Home? DO THIS!!!

Having a safe and comfortable home is everyone's dream. In addition to these two factors, the thing that is always a consideration before buying a house is the price of the house. Along with the development of the times, emerged innovations make the house a minimalist safe, comfortable, and more affordable. Minimalist house today is already a favorite choice as a residence for many people. The minimalist house that has the concept of furniture arrangement as little as possible this is now has become a trend and lifestyle of modern humans. With limited human land is required to be able to maximize the existing space. So with a minimalist home inspired from the Zen lifestyle is then you can now have a comfortable and quiet place to live even with limited land.

Well for those of you who want a minimalist home then you must know the estimated cost of its construction. In calculating the cost of development is usually a lot of people find difficulty and confusion. Because the cost to build a minimalist house is quite difficult predicted. It takes precision and accuracy for anyone who will build a minimalist house this. Then what is the calculation of the cost of building a minimalist house is actually? Here's the review.

Preparing to Build a Minimalist House

For the first step in this minimalist home construction, you do have to make preparations. The preparation here is used to make your plans in building a minimalist home run smoothly and successfully. Here are some of the preparations you need to prepare:

1. Setting the Type of Minimalist House to be Built

The first thing for you to prepare for the construction of a minimalist house is to know and determine the type of house that you will build. The minimalist house does have several types, of course, each type has a different cost in its construction. Especially if you also have several factors to be fulfilled in the construction of a house such as the desire of home design is often changed, the price of building materials more expensive, or pay for construction work using the rates or daily contracting services.

2. Calculate One by One Your Minimalist Home Needs

To get the cost in detail then you are required to make calculations one by one from your minimalist home needs. Unfortunately, in the field, there are still many cases of people who think that the cost of building a house can be determined directly. For example, if the building area of ​​100 square meters and the cost of work services 3 million per square meter than the total cost is 300 million. Whereas in reality to determine the cost of building a minimalist home is not as simple as imagined. So more than that if you want to know in detail the cost of a minimalist home construction, then you will inevitably have to calculate the number of needs and large room created. Things such as specifications of building materials or materials used, accessories and home supplies are used and others.

3. Prepare the Fund and Start Building

After you define and set the minimalist home type you want to build and also calculate the minimalist home needs per-item (unit), then the final step is to set up funds and start building. Remember you also need to provide more funds than the initial calculation, this is because generally, the construction of the house may be excessive predictions.

Calculating the Cost of Home Build Unit Unit Price Analysis System

The order of calculation of minimalist home cost in units or per-item is as follows:

  1. Make a picture of the house to be built.
  2. Create material specifications or work plans and building requirements.
  3. Make a list of jobs to be performed.
  4. Calculates the volume of each work item.
  5. Looking for a list of wage rates and the latest materials.
  6. Calculates the unit price analysis of each work item.
  7. Multiply the volume by unit price analysis.
  8. Make an overall price amount.
  9. Added the calculation result of the building cost budget plan with 10% VAT and the profit value of the wholesale that will be given to the contractor.

For example: if you want to build a minimalist house then before you need first to create an image. Also, plan what materials to use. After that make details of work items to be calculated the unit price in general as follows:

  1. Preparation (land clearing, material arrival and so on)
  2. Foundation (excavation of soil, installation of stone foundation time)
  3. Reinforced concrete structures such as slot, columns, and beams.
  4. Wall covering pairs of brick walls following plastering and action.
  5. Roof truss and roof finishing.
  6. House ceiling work.
  7. House floor work.
  8. Plumbing installation and home electricity.
  9. Painting and weaning.

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